Professor d'Alfonso to Deliver a Talk in the Armand Brunswick Distinguished Lectures in Archaeology Series

By Maggie Pavao

On Monday, April 9th from 4-5pm, Professor Lorenzo d'Alfonso will present the lecture entitled "Even a goatherd shall not enter the border of the land!': Political Borders and the Archaeology of the Hittite Empire" as part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Armand Brunswick Distinguished Lectures in Archaeology of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation. The lecture will explore the idea of political borders as they existed in premodern history. The Hittite Empire (ca. 1550–1200 B.C.) was one of the earliest great powers of the ancient world; today, epigraphic and archaeological investigations illuminate some unique and surprisingly modern evidence of how the elites of this era conceived and represented borders.

At The Met Fifth Avenue - The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium.
No RSVP required
Free admission