". . . circle through New York" Continues. ISAW and St. Philip’s Church Invite You in a Call to Action!

By Rachel Herschman

For the month of June, ISAW is joining forces with St. Philip’s Church, an episcopal church in Harlem, in its call to take action against the "fear, ignorance, greed, and willful discrimination that hurt many in our midst." Given ISAW’s international community and rich cultural study, we want to highlight our diversity and mission of cultural understanding through scholarship.

We’ve installed a large map in our gallery, and we would like to geographically show ISAW’s global network of scholars and staff via their countries of origin and the areas of their research. With a mission to study the religious, political, economic, and cultural connections between ancient civilizations, ISAW demonstrates how scholarship can transcend borders of time and space to provide insight on our interconnectedness.

You are also invited to comment on the current administration’s immigration policies on Post-it notes. If you have already left for the summer break and wish to participate, kindly and we will mark the map and post a message on the wall on your behalf. We welcome your voice to the conversation!

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church is our current partner in . . . circle through New York, a social practice art initiative commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. As a way of bringing together New York communities often separated by cultural, economic, geographic, or circumstantial boundaries, artists Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin have invited six public venues to participate in a system of social and material exchange.

For more information about the project, and to learn more about our partners in . . . circle through New York, please visit the project's website