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Despite neighboring building construction, public events and exhibitions at ISAW are running and open as scheduled.

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Support ISAW

ISAW has benefited from the generosity of many individuals and through grants from a number of government agencies and foundations, for which we are profoundly grateful (see here for a list). These have made possible—to name only a few areas of our work— our well-received exhibitions, such as those on Dura-Europos and Masters of Fire, the rapid growth of our geographic database Pleiades, excavations in Turkey and Egypt, the Leon Levy and Rostovtzeff Lectures, collaborative scholarly projects, faculty research leaves, and scholarly conferences.

We hope that you will join these individuals and organizations in helping to assure the ongoing vitality of ISAW’s work and the richness of what it can offer the public, both in New York and globally. We provide a number of ways to give, and we recognize our donors on the website and in our semi-annual Newsletter.

The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World was created at New York University by a gift from the Leon Levy Foundation. It is this foundational gift that allows ISAW to offer full fellowships to all of our doctoral students, for example.