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Due to expected inclement weather, the public lecture that was scheduled for Wednesday 3/21 has been postponed. Please refer to Events for an updated schedule.

Institute for the Study of the Ancient World


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Appointments and academic programs of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World are under the jurisdiction of its faculty, which achieved independent status in fall, 2010, and which is led by the Director. The Director reports to the Provost and President of New York University. In addition, the Institute has its own Board of Trustees, which is in the process of formation. This Board reports to the Board of Trustees of New York University. Its chair is the Institute's Founder, Shelby White.

The Institute has an Advisory Committee, appointed by the Provost of the University, which advises the Provost, the Leon Levy Foundation, and the Director on a wide variety of policy matters. Its members are Daniel Fleming (New York University; chair); Glen W. Bowersock (Institute for Advanced Study); Frantz Grenet (Collège de France); Holly Pittman (University of Pennsylvania); Wu Hung (University of Chicago); and Paul Zanker (German Archaeological Institute, Rome), together with Shelby White, ex officio.