Digital Approaches to Teaching the Ancient Mediterranean

Conference organized by Sebastian Heath (ISAW), David Ratzan (ISAW), Tom Elliott (ISAW),
and Patrick J. Burns (ISAW)
October 26, 9:15am-5:30pm

This article first appeared in ISAW Newsletter 22 (Fall 2018).

Screen capture of a three-dimensional image of a bearded male statue head, colorized and labeled with numerical labels. Sketchfab user syl476 based on Yale University Art Gallery 2010.40.1 Digital resources have become an essential part of studying the languages, history, and material culture of the Ancient Mediterranean. This one-day conference looks at how this disciplinary turn is being integrated into both undergraduate and graduate courses. There will be sustained attention during the day on current practice and the speakers all bring considerable experience. Speakers will also address the goals of using digital methods, tools and resources in a wide range of pedagogic and institutional settings. Digital approaches to teaching do not merely replicate earlier methods so new possibilities for expanding the scope of curricula will be an important topic. The day will end with a panel discussion and we will welcome input from all who are in attendance.

The conference is co-sponsored by ISAW and the Society for Classical Studies.