Volume 4


Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology


Contents of volume 4


  • Vadim N. YAGODIN, Alison V. G. BETTS, Fiona KIDD, et al.: “Preliminary Report on the “Portrait” Gallery at Kazakly-yatkan (Choresmia)”
  • Ciro LO MUZIO: “The Archaeology of the Bukhara Oasis”
  • Frantz GRENET and Mutalib KHASANOV: “The Ossuary from Sangyr-tepe (Southern Sogdiana): Evidence of the Chionite Invasions”
  • Khau Ming RUBIN: “Early Tarim Basin Buddhist Sculptures from Yanqi (Karashahr): A New Dating”
  • Katherine R. TSIANG: “Reconsidering Early Buddhist Cave-making of the Northern Wei in Terms of Artistic Interactions with Gansu and the Western Regions”
  • Sören STARK: “Some Remarks on the Headgear of the Royal Turks”
  • Gábor KÓSA: “Peacocks under the Jewel-tree— New Hypotheses on the Manichaean Painting of Bezeklik (Cave 38)”
  • Philip DENWOOD: “The Tibetans in the West, Part II”
  • Justin JACOBS: “Central Asian Manuscripts ‘Are Not Worth Much To Us’: The Thousand-Buddha Caves in Early Twentieth-Century China”


Review Articles

  • Seth M. N. PRIESTMAN: “A Statistical vs. a Sensory Approach: Sasanian Ceramic Studies in the Light of Ceramics of the Merv Oasis, Book Review and Commentary
  • Ken PARRY: Tjalling H. F. Halbertsma, Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia: Discovery, Reconstruction and Appropriation

Short Reviews

  • Richard N. FRYE: Etienne de La Vaissière, Samarcande et Samarra. Élites d’Asie central dans l’empire Abbasside
  • Ron SELA: Philippe Forêt and Andreas Kaplony (eds.), The Journey of Maps and Images on the Silk Road (948)