Volume 3

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology


Contents of volume 3


The Kingdom of Khotan to 1000 CE: A Meeting of Cultures

  • Ursula SIMS-WILLIAMS (Guest Editor), Introduction
  • DUAN Qing, “Bisā- and Hālaa- in a New Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Document”
  • Hiroshi KUMAMOTO, “A St. Petersburg Bilingual Document and Problems of the Chronology of Khotan”
  • Mauro MAGGI and Anna FILIGENZI, “Pelliot tibétain 2222: a Dunhuang Painting with a Khotanese Inscription”
  • Giuliana MARTINI, “Tracing the Sources of the Book of Zambasta: the Case of the Yakṣ̣a Painter Simile and the Kāśyapaparivarta”
  • RONG Xinjiang and WEN Xin, “Newly Discovered Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Tallies”
  • Prods Oktor SKJÆRVØ, “The End of Eighth-Century Khotan in Its Texts”
  • Tsuguhito TAKEUCHI, “Tshar, srang, and tshan: Administrative Units in Tibetan-ruled Khotan”
  • ZHANG Guangda and RONG Xinjiang, “On the Dating of the Khotanese Documents from the Area of Khotan”
  • ZHANG Yuzhong, QU Tao and LIU Guorui, “A Newly Discovered Buddhist Temple and Wall Paintings
    at Dandan-Uiliq in Xinjiang”
  • ZHAO Feng and WANG Le, “Textiles and Clothing Excavated from the Tombs of Buzak in Khotan”
    p. 171



  • Elena E. Kuz’mina, The Origin of the Indo-Iranians and E. E. Kuzmina, The Prehistory of the Silk Road (Burzine Wa ghmar )
  • Prudence O. Harper, In Search of a Cultural Identity: Monuments and Artifacts of the Sasanian Near East, 3rd to 7th Century A.D. (St. John Simpson)