Volume 1

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology


Contents of volume 1


Longer articles:

  • G. Vignato: “The Wooden Architecture of the Kizil Caves”
  • A. L. Juliano: “Converging Traditions in the Imagery of Yu Hong’s Sarcophagus: Possible Buddhist Sources”


Shorter articles: In Honour of Prof. A.D.H. Bivar

  • G. Fehérvári: “Adrian Hugh David Bivar: Professor, Archaeologist, Epigraphist, Numismatist and Good Friend”
  • Bibliography of A.D.H. Bivar from 1993 to August 2006
  • R. N. Frye: “The Aramaic Alphabet in the East”
  • D. W. Mac Dowall: “The Copper Coinages of Menander”
  • A. Askari Chaverdi and P. Callieri: “A Rural Settlement of the Achaemenid and Post-Achaemenid Periods in the Bolaghi Valley (Pasargadae, Fars)
  • FC. Fabrègues: “Gandharan Earrings of Achaemenid Derivation”
  • M. L. Carter: “Notes on Kuṣāṇa Chronology and the Bactrian Era”
  • B. A. Litvinsky: “Bronze Appliqués of Erotes from the Temple of the Oxus”
  • E. Errington: “‘Boots,’ ‘Female Idols’ and Disembodied Heads”
  • M. Ghose: “Nana: The ‘Original’ Goddess on the Lion”
  • J. A. Lerner / P. O. Skjaervø: “The Seal of a Eunuch in the Sasanian Court”
  • P. O. Skjaervø: “A New Block from the Paikuli Inscription”
  • A. ur Rahman, F. Grenet and N. Sims-Williams: “A Hunnish Kushan-shah”
  • M. Alram / C. LoMuzio: “A New Coin Type of the Khalaj”
  • G. Azarpay / V. A. Livshits: “The MP Archive at Berkeley: a Pre-Islamic Forerunner of ‘Samarkand Paper’”
  • M. Schwartz: “From Healer to Hylē: Levantine Iconography as Manichaean Mythology”
  • Z. Gulácsi, U. Sims-Williams and W. Sundermann: “An Illustrated Parchment Folio from a Middle Persian Manichaean Codex in the Collection of the British Library, Or. 12452 d/3 (Kao. 0111)”
  • G. Fehérvári: “High-spouted Ewers of Khorasan and Central Asia”

Book reviews (Review article The Silk Road: Trade, Travel, War and Faith and China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200-750 AD – Two Important Exhibition Catalogues by Beatrix Mecsi and Lilla Russell-Smith; K. R. Karimova. Traditsionniye hudojestvenniye remysla i promysly uigurov [Traditional artistic handicrafts and crafts of the Uighurs] by Ablet Kamalov