Alan Greene

Visiting Research Scholar 2016-17

Alan F. Greene is an anthropological archaeologist and co-director of the Project for the Archaeology and Geography of Ancient Transcaucasian Societies (ArAGATS), where his research focuses on questions of mass social inequality and political institutionalization in the Bronze and Early Iron Age South Caucasus. In particular, he examines the ways habitual production chains, spheres of exchange, and consumption patterns are implicated in the macro-scale (re)production of the region's earliest polities. Alan's current field project, funded by the National Science Foundation, examines the long term rhythms of settlement, economy, and warfare in Armenia's Upper Kasakh Valley. In the laboratory, he co-directs the Making of Ancient Eurasia (MAE) Project, a research consortium that develops and applies new approaches in digital radiography, synchrotron radiation, and portable X-ray fluorescence to study the histories of material assemblages, one artifact at a time. While at ISAW, he is studying the comparative archaeology of the economies of ancient Old World polities.

Alan is the co-author of two recent publications in the Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association and the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. He is currently editing a volume with Charles Hartley (University of Chicago) on the structural analysis of archaeological pottery.

Alan received his MA and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Department of Anthropology and a double BA in Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies from Johns Hopkins University.