Anna Lanaro

VRS 2013-14

Anna Lanaro obtained her Master's degree in the History of the Ancient Near East at the University of Pavia, Italy in 2007 with the  thesis "’International Style’ in the Ancient Near East in the Late Bronze Age: State of the Art, Problems, and Outlook". She went on to the Institute of Egyptology and Ancient Near East at Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany), and obtained her PhD in 2012 with the thesis “The Problematic of the Bed-Panel of Ugarit”.

Her interest focuses mostly on the Levant of the Late Bronze Age, with particular emphasis on the iconography. Moreover, she is actively engaged in the field of archaeology of the Iron Age in Central Anatolia in the joint excavation project of Kinik Höyük (ISAW and University of Pavia).

Her research project at ISAW is entitled  "Beyond Hybridism: Intercultural Connectivity in the Northern Levant During the Late Bronze Age", and will investigate, on the basis of the imagery represented on luxury items, how intercultural connectivity processes took place in the Northern Levant during the Late Bronze Age.