Yuval Yekutieli

Yuval Yekutieli is a senior lecturer at the Department of Bible, Archaeology and Ancient Near East at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Israel). His research interests encompass issues such as ancient colonialism, the archaeology of slavery and bonded labor, proto-urbanism, arid-zone archaeology, ancient pastoralism, landscape archaeology, operation of power in antiquity, and international relations during the Southern Levantine Bronze Age (3,700 - 1,200 BC). His current research projects include archaeological survey in the southern Judean Desert; social aspects of ancient copper mining in the 'Arava rift valley; investigations of early connections between Canaan, Egypt and Transjordan; and colonialism in the southern Levant during the Early Bronze Age. At ISAW his aim is to explore the dynamics through which 'global' networks interacted with the population of the Dead Sea - 'Arava rift valley (The current border area between the modern states of Israel and Jordan) during the Bronze Age (3700 - 1200 BC). This research will draw upon previously collected data from both his ongoing work in the region, and other researchers' published studies. This objective would be achieved through the analysis of three types of archaeological remains from the region - rock-art, architecture and pottery, and their interaction with the local landscape.