New Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series


ISAW Student Council and Society for Ancient Studies collaborate to start an Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series (AWGWS)

Faced with new physical distancing protocols and building access restrictions that would have seemed unfathomable in bygone semesters, a unique challenge that graduate students in the age of Covid face involves finding new ways to maintain what is arguably one of the hallmarks of higher education: an active and engaging graduate community. Now more than ever is the time to find proactive ways of connecting with each other. To this end, the Society for Ancient Studies (SAS) and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World Student Council (ISAW-SC) are delighted to announce a joint initiative aimed at connecting graduate students across NYC institutes through a new Ancient World Graduate Workshop Series (AWGWS). The series will offer graduate students an opportunity to present their work in an informal virtual setting, to benefit from peer discussion and feedback. Faculty, postdocs, and undergraduates are welcome to tune in and join the discussion, though presentations will be reserved for graduate students (MA or PhD). Two sessions will take place in the Fall 2020 semester on Tues. Oct. 20th & Tues. Nov. 17th at 5pm EST, featuring two presentations each.

We are looking for NYC graduate students who are excited about an aspect of their current research and would be willing to share it with their fellow students via Zoom. Preparing for an upcoming conference? Need to practice your online presentation skills? Struggling with a difficult chapter in your dissertation? This series is for you. The presentations should aim to be no more than 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute discussion (polished Powerpoint presentations are welcome but not required, though we recommend some form of visual content). The setting will be informal and accompanied by a virtual happy hour. 

*Please note that this series is not open to the general public. Registration is restricted to academic participants. Undergrads, graduates, postdocs, & faculty are welcome.

Oct. 20th Session: 

  • Rebekah Rust (NYU, Classics): Staging Shame: Conceptual Metaphor in Action in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
  • Noam Cohen (NYU, Hebrew & Judaic Studies): How to Talk about Domestic Abuse in Old Babylonian

 Nov. 17th session:  Register to attend Here

  • Tuhin Bhattacharjee (NYU, Department of Comparative Literature)I Killed My Mother: Or, When Orestes Bumped into Parashuram
  • Naomi Miller (University College London)The Homeridai of Chios: A Critical Re-examination

Submit abstracts for February and March sessions HERE. Click through for specific dates and deadlines.