ISAW PhD Graduate, Andrea Trameri, Receives Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship


After a successful application, Andrea Trameri, was offered a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Netherlands Institute for the Near East at the University of Leiden. This is an academic research position starting September 2021. During the two-year fellowship, Dr. Trameri will be able to conduct personal research full-time funded by the institute; his research project is the publication of his PhD dissertation as a volume, defended at ISAW in May 2020 ("The land of Kizzuwatna. History of Cilicia in the Second Millennium BCE until the Hittite conquest, ca. 2000-1350"). The research work will allow to expand the scope of this research and publish it as a historiographical work on the southern region of Anatolia in the second millennium, which is still not available in Anatolian studies. At the institute, he will also teach a graduate students' seminar on "Methods and Concepts in Ancient Near Eastern Studies" at the OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands.

The course will be divided in three thematic blocks, which cover three main fields of research in Ancient Near Eastern studies: philology, archaeology and history. The three parts of this course will discuss key methods and concepts of literary/philological, historical and archaeological analysis, progressively delving into relevant research questions, perspectives and discussions in each field. Finally, at NINO he will organize an international workshop on a theme related to my personal research, whose content will be published as a proceedings volume.