ISAW Alumna, Fanghan Wang, Accepts Position at Shandong University


ISAW PHD graduate Fanghan Wang has accepted a faculty position as an Associate Researcher at the Institute of Cultural Heritage at Shandong University. It is ranked as a top 10 university in China and has particular strength in humanities. Dr. Fanghan Wang’s responsibilities will include teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on Chinese art history and archaeology. She will highlight transcultural and interdisciplinary features, particularly concerning questions of cultural interaction, trade, and globalization while focusing on the theories and methodologies of art history.

At the Institute, Dr. Fanghan Wang will work on the publication of her PhD dissertation that was successfully defended at ISAW in May 2021, titled “Art, Agriculture and Frontier: Representing Granaries in Han China (206 B.C.E. – 220 C.E.)”. She will expand on her research geographically to cover more frontier regions of Han China and investigate other elements of agricultural societies represented in art.