Safety & Security

Please note that this section has been expanded to include more information on health and safety.

If this is a medical or fire emergency, please call 911 immediately and leave the building in case of fire. To report an emergency to NYU Public Safety, call x82222 or 212-998-2222If this is a facilities or other emergency, please see Emergencies.

Starting the summer of 2020, everyone entering NYU campus must complete the Daily Screener. This tool has been continually updated to include more automated data feeds. NYU created a communication channel NYU Returns. See these pages for information on policies and procedures for returning to campus, NYU vaccination policies, and other health safety questions you might have.

We are committed to your physical safety, including a clean building. Here are the methods being used to create a clean and healthy environment. If you have concerns in this regard, please complete a Building ticket that notifies the building management team.

NYU has a culture of community safety. Our policies set the expected standard (for example, zero tolerance for guns on campus, zero tolerance for violent behavior, zero tolerance for harassment) and we all play a role in achieving that end goal.

NYU has a mobile campus safety app Safe NYU.  This app, available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, is designed to put safety and emergency preparedness information in the hands of our community.  More information can be found here.

All space within the building is subject to NYC safety regulations and ISAW routinely conducts fire and safety drills. 

Security within the ISAW building includes surveillance cameras and equipment consistent across the NYU campus. Please make sure your valuables are kept locked in your office or desk and report suspicious behavior to the security guard on duty at any time. A security officer is on duty at ISAW during all building hours and can be reached at x27834 or 212-992-7834. It is ISAW policy that a security officer must be on premises during events scheduled outside of regular building hours.  To discuss extraordinary security coverage, please speak with the .