Round Tray on Conical Stand with Figures of Two Wolves and Two Ravens around Prone Ibex in Center and Sixteen Snow Leopards around Rim

The numerous separately cast figurines attached to this stand are arranged in a complex narrative tableau, the meaning of which remains a mystery but may relate to a lost myth, epic or fable. In the center, an ibex (mountain goat) lies on its side. It is surrounded by four animals arranged in an X-pattern. The two closer animals, wolves with their jaws open, may be gnawing at the ibex. Two ravens form the other arm of the X; they stand farther back and silently observe the proceedings. Encircling the rim are sixteen snow leopards, identified by their long tails, tufted ears, and blunt muzzle. They stand still, and all face clockwise. The wolves have holes in their backs, which perhaps served to supports temporary additions to the stand. The round conical base was cast as a single unit; rough diamond shapes were then cut out, thus creating a net-like pattern.