Photo of an ancient Greek temple in Athens with the city visible in the background

Temple of Hephaistos, Athens.

Expanding the Ancient World Workshop

Fire Deities of the Ancient Greeks: Histories, Beliefs, and Practices

Organized by the China Institute and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

This workshop will take place online; a Zoom link will be provided via email to registered participants.

This workshop is presented in partnership with the China institute. Registration is required via the China Institute's website.

Expanding the Ancient World is a series of professional development workshops and online resources for teachers. Keyed to the NYC Department of Education Social Studies Scope and Sequence, this program is designed to offer K-12 educators opportunities to develop their knowledge of the ancient world and to provide classroom-ready strategies for teaching the past with reliable sources. Featuring inquiry-based workshops, flexible lesson plans, and up-to-date research, Expanding the Ancient World aims to equip teachers with information and skills that they can share with their students. CTLE credits will be offered to New York State teachers.

The use of fire is an important human skill, fundamental to life in the present and in the past. In ancient societies, people relied on the help of a variety of divine figures for fiery activities such as cooking, heating homes, and crafting objects like metals and pottery. This workshop will explore the context and development of ancient Greek beliefs about fire, including the importance of the figures of Prometheus, Hephaistos, and Athena.

Workshop led by Braden Cordivari (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Participants will receive 1 CTLE hour.

Expanding the Ancient World is made possible by generous support from ISAW and an NYU Teaching Advancement Grant.

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