Photo of circular stone stamp seal next to clay impression; the design features stylized hunters and goats.

Dilmun stamp seal with hunters and goats; c. early 2nd millennium BCE; © Metropolitan Museum of Art 1987.96.22

Expanding the Ancient World Workshop

Globalization in the Ancient World

Organized by the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

This workshop will take place online; a Zoom link will be provided via email to registered participants.

Registration is required at THIS LINK.

Expanding the Ancient World is a series of professional development workshops and online resources for teachers. Keyed to the NYC Department of Education Social Studies Scope and Sequence, this program is designed to offer K-12 educators opportunities to develop their knowledge of the ancient world and to provide classroom-ready strategies for teaching the past with reliable sources. Featuring inquiry-based workshops, flexible lesson plans, and up-to-date research, Expanding the Ancient World aims to equip teachers with information and skills that they can share with their students. CTLE credits will be offered to New York State teachers.

We tend to think of globalization as a modern phenomenon, where far-flung places impact one other through exchange of ideas, resources, commodities, technologies, and human mobility. How can we engage with the evidence regarding the early history of interconnectedness in the world? What can we learn from studying past societies who interacted with one another? How do we talk about an interconnected ancient world? This workshop will introduce some of the early examples of globalization in the ancient world, and provide examples of the intricate web of interregional exchange networks and the transformative role of cross-cultural encounters. By engaging with evidence for interconnectedness in the ancient world, we will offer suggestions to facilitate discussions of the deep history of globalization.

Workshop led by Narges Bayani (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World)

Participants will receive 1.5 CTLE hours.

Expanding the Ancient World is made possible by generous support from ISAW and an NYU Teaching Advancement Grant.

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