Friends of ISAW

Friends of ISAW

Support from our Friends, through annual membership giving, is essential to the mission of ISAW as we seek to foster the study of ancient civilizations across the broad horizons of antiquity. Click here to join the Friends of ISAW.

Friends are invited to join in the academic life at ISAW, receiving many benefits throughout the year. These include discounts at the gallery store, preferred seating at public events, invitations to annual ISAW events and informal Fireside Chats with our faculty, as well as increased access to the Library and Exhibitions.

Charles Banta
Jeffrey Benjamin and Brenda Cotsen
Diane and Dennis Bennett
Josephine Berger-Nadler
Anne Carpenter Bienstock
Mary Sharp Cronson

Geraldine Fabrikant and Tim Metz
Susan and Arthur Fleischer
Annette L. Juliano and Joseph L. Geneve
Vartan and Clare Gregorian
Robert Goldrich
Gordana Jelisavcic
Vladimir and Betsy Jelisavcic
Peter Kendall
Elbrun and Peter Kimmelman
Alan Kornberg and Harold Koda
Yvonne Korshak and Robert Ruben
James and Helen Lally
Dale and Ed Mathias

Joyce Menschel
Deborah Miller and William Zabel
Andrew Moelis
Alexandra Munroe
Helen Nash 
Ann Nitze

James Ottaway
Liliane Peck
Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky
Nicholas Potter
James Boniface Ramsey
Frederick Resnick
Tyler Rollins
Charles Ruas and Robert Wynne
Frederick Schultz
Anne Sidamon-Eristoff
Constance Silver
Agnes Hsu-Tang and Oscar Tang (The Tang Fund)

Ellen and Bill Taubman 

Susan Weber (Iris Foundation)
Phillip M Winegar
Henry Zemel

Exhibition Supporters

Selz Foundation
The David Berg Foundation
Robert and Nellie Gipson (The Tianaderrah Foundation)
The Evelyn Sharp Foundation 
The Achelis and Bodman Foundation
Bernard Osher
The Persepolis Foundation
Frances Marzio
Frederick W Beinecke and Candace Krugman Beinecke
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Sameh Iskander
Caroline Hyman
Ann and Gilbert Kinney
Anne Pasternak
Caroline Bacon
Reem Z Renno

Donors (donations above $100)

Justin Abelow
American Council of Learned Societies
American Center of Oriental Research
The American Research Center in Egypt
Roger and Whitney Bagnall
Jeanne Bailey
Teymour Boutros-Ghali
Alan Bowman
Gilles Bransbourg
Hamed El Chiaty
Classics Conclave
Raffaella Cribiore
Jeffrey Cunard
Tom Elliott
Jean and Jay Entwistle
Ruth and Arthur Feder
Marla and Adam Gamoran
Mohamed Adel El Gazzar
Global Institute for Advanced Study
Lewis I. Haber and Carmen Dubroc
Dolores Hegarty
Frederick Holzer
Alexander Jones and Catherine Haines
Lucy Lamphere
Will Leland
Judith Lerner
John Marincola
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jennifer Moss
Lisa Murphy
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Science Foundation
Susan Nitze
Oklahoma University
Ronald A. Perez
David M. Ratzan
Janet Richards
Karen Rubinson
Rust Family Foundation
Bette and Jonathan Scarlet
Douglas Schoppert
Peter Sheehan
Flash Sheridan
Society for the Exploration of Eurasia
Richard Talbert
Dorothy and John Tamaro
Judith Field Tigani
Volkswagen Foundation 
Wahba Family Trust
Rita Watson
Wenner-Gren Foundation 

Major Donors of Books

Emma Bunker
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Natasha Eilenberg
Zvi Gal
Nina G. Garsoian
Valerie Hansen
David N. Keightley
Christine Lilyquist
James Ottaway
Cornelius and Emily Vermeule
Jocelyn Penny Small

Supporters of the Leon Levy Lecture

The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
The Evelyn Sharp Foundation 
Norman Peck

Supporters of the Rostovtzeff Lecture Series

Roger and Whitney Bagnall

Director's Council

Edward Cohen
Nellie Gipson
Agnes Hsu-Tang
Frances Marzio
Alexandra Munroe
Holly Pittman
Bernard Selz
Susan Weber


Leon Levy Foundation and Shelby White