Research Group Ancient Cultures and Cognitive Sciences



B. Pongratz-Leisten

  • March 2016, ISAW, NYU: Memory, Tradition, and the Process of Image-Making in Mesopotamia



B. Pongatz-Leisten

  • 2011:  “Divine Agency and Astralization of the Gods in Ancient Mesopotamia,” in Reconsidering Revolutionary Monotheism, ed. B. Pongratz-Leisten (Winona Lake, IN:  Eisenbrauns) 137-187
  • in press: “Social Bonding with the Divine,” in Beliefs and Conceptions of the Divine, eds. Barbara Kowalzig & Teresa Morgan

B. Pongratz-Leisten and K. Sonik (eds.)

  • 2015 The Materiality of Divine Agency. Berlin and Boston:  De Gruyter
  • 2015 “Between Cognition and Culture: Theorizing the Materiality of Divine Agency in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Pp. 3-69 in The Materiality of Divine Agency. Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter

B. Kowalzig

  • in prep.: “Pistoi theoi:  Anthropomorphism and the Language of Belief in Ancient Greece.”

K. Sonik

  • 2013: “The Monster’s Gaze: Vision as Mediator Between Time and Space in the Glyptic Art of Mesopotamia.” Pp. 285-300 in Time and History in the Ancient Near East:  Proceedings of the 56th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale at Barcelona. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns
  • in prep.: Mesopotamia’s Haunted Universe:  Monsters and Daimons at the Dawn of Civilization

R. Watson

  • in prep: “A Cognitive Account of the Origins of Writing.”

R. Watson & W. Horowitz



  • 2015: Ritual and Narrative: Texts in Performance in the Ancient Near East
  • 2016: The Formation of Cultural Memory: Ancient Mesopotamian Libraries and Schools and their Contribution to the Shaping of Tradition and Identity