Digitization: What is Lost and What is Found?

By Tom Elliott

Three members of the ISAW community will soon be participating in a panel discussion on the subject "Digitization: What is Lost and What is Found?" Registration via the website of the NYU Center for the Humanities is recommended in order to ensure a seat. Here is a copy of the formal announcement:

Digitization: What is Lost and What is Found?

An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion 

Tuesday 17th November: 6.00-8.00 p.m.
NYU, Center for the Humanities, 20 Cooper Square (5th floor) 


We are getting ever greater access to cultural works online through digital representations, but how far are those representations hindered by data losses and the processes of translation into the digital? Conversely, to what extent might they enable us not just easier access to existing objects but, more radically, the ability to see or hear things we have never been able to see or hear before? This panel event will reflect on these questions and present innovative digitization work from across the humanities disciplines at NYU. Exploring 3D modeling as well as the digitization of music, art and manuscripts, we will also be addressing the status of the new digital objects that are created as a result of these processes.