ISAW Announces Visiting Research Scholars for 2013-14

By kel306

ISAW is pleased to announce the research scholar roster for 2013-14. In addition to working on the listed research project, each scholar will participate in ISAW seminars and present a public lecture. Please join us in welcoming them to our community this fall!

One-year Visiting Research Scholars

Matteo Compareti (PhD, Università di Napoli “L’Orientale”)
A study of the religious iconography of Iranian peoples living in China during the Sixteen Kingdoms, Northern & Southern Dynasties, and the Sui & the Tang Dynasties

Daniel Fleming (Hebrew & Judaic Studies, NYU)
‘The Land of Benjamin’ and the Development of Israel and Judah

Anna Lanaro (PhD, Johannes-Gutenburg-University, Mainz)
Beyond Hybridism: Intercultural Connectivity in the Northern Levant During the Late Bronze Age

Francesca Rochberg (Near Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley)
Before Nature: Science and Ancient Mesopotamia

Ian Rutherford (Classics, University of Reading)
Hittite Texts and Greek Religion: Borrowing, Hybridity, Comparison

Thelma Thomas (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU)
Dressing Souls, Making Monks: Monastic Habits of the Egyptian Desert Fathers

Liangren Zhang (School of Cultural Heritage, Northwest University, China)
Prehistoric Gansu and Xinjiang in the broad context of Eurasian and Central Asian cultural movements

Two-year Visiting Assistant Professors

Emily Hammer (PhD, Harvard University) – continuing
Dynamics of Settlement and Transhumance in Agricultural Peripheries on the Fringes of Ancient Mesopotamia

Adam Schwartz (PhD, University of Chicago)
Huayuanzhuang East I: A Complete and Annotated Translation of the Newest Corpus of 13th Century BCE Shang Dynasty Non-Royal Oracle Bone Inscriptions