David Danzig Receives Honorable Mention for NYCDH Graduate Student Project Award

By Marc LeBlanc

ISAW doctoral student David Danzig recently received an honorable mention for the 2017 NYC Digital Humanities Graduate Student Project Award. David's project, entitled "Ethnic Dynamics in Migratory Scenarios of the Ancient Near East: Collection and Analysis of Data on Inter-Ethnic Contact Drawn from Everyday Texts," explores questions of ethnic identity, assimilation, and entrenchment in the context of migration in societies of the ancient Near East. As part of this research, he will create a database of over 1,500 cuneiform texts and associated metadata for the purpose of integrating analyses based on querying of the dataset and those arrived at by traditional philological-historical approaches. The goal of his project is to generate a portrait of ethnic dynamics as manifest in two case studies: underclass groups in 1st millennium BCE Babylonia and Middle Assyrian imperial expansion in the 2nd millennium BCE. Over the course of the 2017-18 academic year, David will receive feedback on the digital component of his project from members of the NYC Digital Humanities Student Award Committee and have the opportunity to give a presentation on his research at the NYC Digital Humanities Spring Week.