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01/31/2019 06:00 PM ISAW Lecture Hall

The Practical Archaeologist's Approach to 3D Modeling and Related Technologies

Sebastian Heath

This talk will introduce methods and tools that can be adopted by archaeologists, art historians, and other cultural heritage practitioners with relative ease. Among the techniques to be discussed is making 3D models from photographs and restoring the three-dimensional aspect of architectural plans. Both these processes can be achieved with free or relatively inexpensive software. What to do with 3D content will also be a theme. Animations that include simulation of real-world phenomena such as wind and realistic environments are both techniques that almost any notebook computer can handle. On-screen and immersive 3D environments that include interactive elements are likewise straightforward to make and share with the public. This talk is predicated on the idea that archaeologists and others should actively engage with these technologies and come to understand how they will affect our work. A focus will be on tools that can be learned relatively easily by anyone interested in exploring this rapidly developing field.
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