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04/27/2018 09:30 AM ISAW Lecture Hall

Text and Image: Transmedial Inquiries into Ancient Near Eastern Cultures

Conference organized by Beate Pongratz-Leisten (ISAW)

NOTE: We are now fully booked for this event and are no longer accepting RSVPs. In the ancient Near East many monuments and artifacts incorporated both pictorial and written compositions. “Text and Image” has long been a trope in philological and art historical studies inquiring into the mixture or conjoining of the verbal and the visual. Image and language, and discourse and icon, are disjunctive symbolic systems, and there are sense-making operations that do not necessarily take a narrative form. Moreover, when it comes to narrative, it has been long recognized that the migration of a story or message from one medium to another presents cognitive consequences, and that the narrative potential will necessarily be differently actualized. Rather than perceiving of narrative as a linguistic object, this workshop examines narrative in cognitive terms, understanding it in the first place as a mental image realizable in various media.
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