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04/20/2018 09:30 AM ISAW Lecture Hall

Future Philologies: Digital Directions in Ancient World Text

Conference organized by Patrick J. Burns (ISAW), David Ratzan (ISAW), and Sebastian Heath (ISAW)

NOTE: We are now fully booked for this event and are no longer accepting RSVPs. Future Philologies will provide a forum for historical-language projects with a strong text analysis component to present their work across language-specific barriers in an effort to foster cross-linguistic, comparative feedback, recommendations, criticism, etc. between projects. Moreover, it is meant to embrace the scope of ancient-world languages represented at ISAW, which states in its mission the goal of offering "an unshuttered view of antiquity across vast stretches of time and place.” The format will be presentations on the state of corpus/text analysis/natural language processing work for each language coupled with recent successes and immediate challenges to be addressed in the near future. Projects will represent Latin, Greek, Coptic, Arabic, Classical Chinese, and cuneiform languages among others. Researchers in Computer Science and Information Science who can offer different perspectives on philological and corpus-based language work have also been included.
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