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02/08/2018 06:00 PM ISAW Lecture Hall

AIA Lecture: Greeks in the North

The Excavation and Survey of a Trading Port in Aegean Thrace

Nathan Arrington

Note: We are now fully booked for this event and are only accepting names for the wait-list. Ancient Thrace was a land of opportunity, adventure, and trouble. This talk presents the results of a Greek-American archaeological expedition that has explored a large trading port on the Thracian sea, south of modern Komotini. Established by Greek colonists in the 7th or 6th cen. BC, the settlement participated in a north Aegean trade network. The talk will present the history of occupation at the site; the evidence for daily life in the Classical and Roman periods; and the site’s contributions to economic, political, and social history. Excavation and survey have uncovered important information on the settlement and its changing relationship to the wider landscape and to the environment.
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