Exhibition Panel Conversation: The Berthouville Treasure and the Gallo-Roman World

Art, Literature, and Cultural History
Moderator: Clare Fitzgerald, ISAW
Panelists: Francesco de Angelis, Columbia University; Andrew Johnston, Yale University; James Uden, Boston University


The Berthouville Treasure, the largest and best-preserved hoard of silver from the ancient world, presents an exceptional opportunity to consider different aspects of life and culture in the Roman Empire. This panel-style conversation about art, literature, and cultural history will contextualize the Berthouville Treasure within a broader framework of Gallo-Roman and Roman antiquity. Please join art historian Francesco de Angelis (Columbia University), literary scholar James Uden (Boston University), and cultural historian Andrew Johnston (Yale University) in a conversation moderated by Associate Director of Exhibitions and Gallery Curator Clare Fitzgerald (ISAW.)

Francesco de Angelis is the Professor and Chair of the Classical Studies Program at Columbia University. He works on Roman, Etruscan, and Greek art and architecture, with a particular focus on the interaction between viewers, spaces, and social practices; cultural memory; bodies and embodiment in ancient art; and the visual tradition of mythology as expression of intercultural relationships, both synchronically and diachronically.

Andrew C. Johnston is Associate Professor of Classics and History at Yale University. His primary research interests include social memory in the Roman world, especially in the western provinces; the imagination and representation of selves and others at Rome, especially as relates to ethnography and geography and Greek literary responses to Roman imperial power; and the archaeology of central Italy, specifically the Latin city of Gabii, where he serves as Director of the Field School of the Gabii Project.

James Uden is Associate Professor of Classical Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Boston University. He writes and researches broadly on Latin literature and the cultural history of the Roman Empire. He is interested in the ways in which diverse aspects of ancient life are represented in Roman texts, particularly those written in the first-sixth centuries.

Clare Fitzgerald is Associate Director for Exhibitions and Gallery Curator at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

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