Haremhab, The General Who Became King

Dorothea Arnold, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This talk is an introduction to the exhibition “Haremhab, The General Who Became King” at present on view in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The focus of this exhibition is the Metropolitan’s statue of Haremhab as a Scribe, the best known three-dimensional image of this important historical figure, created while he was commander in chief of the army under Tutankhamun but showing him as a scribe and thus an administrator and wise man. About 70 objects – predominantly from the Metropolitan’s collection – are displayed around the statue as visual means to understand its multi-layered character. The talk will explain why these objects were chosen and how they relate to the statue.

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Dorothea Arnold was educated in Germany (Universities of Tuebingen and Munich) and worked for many years as an archaeologist with the German Institute of Archaeology. Since 1985 she is curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in charge of the department since 1991, chairman since 2005. With her colleagues in the department of Egyptian art she has organized numerous exhibitions and written or co-written catalogues for them. She has also overseen substantial new installations in the Metropolitan’s Egyptian galleries.

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