Fall 2021 Public Events

All public events for Fall 2021 will take place online via Zoom. Registration is required.

Monday, October 25th - 10am
Prospective Student Open House

Wednesday, October 27th - 1pm
Late Antique Empires on the Red Sea: Wars without Faith
Valentina A. Grasso (ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor)

Thursday, November 11th - 1pm
The Creation of Worked Animal Objects in the Early Greek World
Adam DiBattista (ISAW Visiting Research Scholar)

Thursday, December 9th - 1pm
“Translating Culture” Sardur I’s Neo-Assyrian Inscription on the Sardursburg in Ancient Tushpa, Urartu

Please check isaw.nyu.edu for event updates.

ISAW is committed to providing a positive and educational experience for all guests and
participants who attend our public programming. We ask that all attendees follow the guidelines

Note: This year’s Leon Levy Lecture has been scheduled for March 3, 2022. The speaker will be
Michael R. Maas (Rice University). We will announce detailed information about this talk at a later date.