Fall 2020 Public Events

All public events for Fall 2020 will take place online via Zoom. Registration is required.

Thursday, October 8th - 5pm
The Education and Miseducation of an Administrator in Late Roman Egypt
Roger Bagnall (ISAW) and Alexander Jones (ISAW)
Link: https://isaw.nyu.edu/events/education-late-roman-egypt

Monday, October 26th - 10am
Prospective Student Open House
Link: https://isaw.nyu.edu/events/open-house-2020

Thursday, October 29th - 5pm
How Global Was the Early Medieval World?: An Exploration of Worldwide Connections 500-
1000 CE
Erik Hermans (Independent Scholar and ISAW Alumnus)
Link: https://isaw.nyu.edu/events/global-early-modern-world

Thursday, November 19th - 1pm
Rethinking Societal Collapse: New Evidence from the Hittite Case
Sarah Adcock (ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor)
Link: https://isaw.nyu.edu/events/rethinking-societal-collapse

Thursday, December 10th - 1pm
Origin and Cultural Embedment of the “Stepped Monuments” of Central Anatolia
Lorenzo d'Alfonso (ISAW)
Link: https://isaw.nyu.edu/events/monuments-central-anatolia

Please check isaw.nyu.edu for event updates.

ISAW is committed to providing a positive and educational experience for all guests and
participants who attend our public programming. We ask that all attendees follow the guidelines
listed in our community standards policy

Note: This year’s Leon Levy Lecture has been scheduled for April 29, 2021. The speaker will be
Ian Morris (Stanford University). We will announce detailed information about this talk at a later