Visiting Research Scholars 2019-20

This article by Marc LeBlanc first appeared in ISAW Newsletter 25 (Fall 2019).

Two women pose for a photograph in front of a book case. Fokelien Kootstra and Odette Boivin. Photo by Iris Fernandez. Cicek Tascioglu Beeby, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Space and Place of Death in the Early Greek City

Odette Boivin, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Toronto
Life in a Resurrected City: A Mesopotamian Case Study
Yoram Cohen, Tel Aviv University
Forging an Empire: Hittite Imperial Administration from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates
Ethan Harkness, NYU Gallatin, East Asian Studies
A Complete Translation and Study of the Zhoujiazhai Daybook
Fokelien Kootstra, PhD, Leiden University
Chaos before Order?: A Quantitative Approach to Variation in the Arabic Papyri (7th-9th Centuries CE)

Marcin Kotyl, University of Warsaw
Taxation in Late Roman Egypt through the Prism of an Unpublished Tax-Register (P.Giss.inv.58A-L) and Related Documents from the Period of 4th to 6th Century

Mitra Panahipour, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Arkansas
Reconstructing Human-Environment Interactions During the Late Antiquity in the Zagros Mountain Range of Iran and Iraq
Anne-Caroline Rendu-Loisel, Université de Strausbourg
“Sacred” Cities in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Case of Eridu in the 1st Millennium BC
Ann Macy Roth, NYU Art History, Hebrew & Judaic Studies
Ancient Egyptian Conceptions of Gender and Fertility
Xin Wen, Princeton University
Traveling for the State: Dunhuang Manuscripts, Eurasian Envoys, and Oasis States on the Silk Road
Daniela Wolin, Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD, Yale University
Bioarchaeology of Health and Medical Intervention in Late Shang Dynasty, China