Three New Staff Members

This article by Diane Bennett first appeared in ISAW Newsletter 24, Spring 2019.

We are happy to share three new staff members who support our work at ISAW.

Iris Fernandez started as Development Associate in June. She is an alumna of the ISAW Amheida excavation and has worked on a number of ISAW digital projects with several faculty and researchers.

Mimi Yiu came to us from the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and started in May. She serves as the Publications Manager for the ISAW Exhibitions team. She earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University. In her book, Architectural Involutions: Writing, Staging, and Building Space, ca 1439-1650, she considered how art, architecture, and theatre intersect to produce physical and psychic interiority.

Shavone LaMarr came to us from the Wildlife Conservation Society in August 2018. She serves as Financial Analyst, assisting in grant management, excavation support and a number of financial functions.