ISAW Director Alexander Jones Receives 2019 Henry Allen Moe Prize in the Humanities

This article by Marc LeBlanc first appeared in ISAW Newsletter 24, Spring 2019.

Three smiling people in semi-formal clothing hold a large, framed document and pose for the camera.On April 26, 2019, Alexander Jones, Professor of History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity and Leon Levy Director of ISAW, was awarded the American Philosophical Society’s 2019 Henry Allen Moe Prize in the Humanities in recognition of his paper “‘Like Opening a Pyramid and Finding an Atomic Bomb’: Derek de Solla Price and the Antikythera Mechanism,” which was read at the American Philosophical Society’s 2017 November Meeting and published in its Proceedings Volume 162, Number 3, September 2018. Prof. Jones’s paper traces the history of research on the so-called Antikythera Mechanism since 1958, when Derek de Solla Price received a grant from the American Philosophical Society to study this object.