ISAW Prof. Sören Stark Awarded Grant for Scientific Work on Finds from Central Asian Archaeological Site

By David Ratzan

Prof. Sören Stark (ISAW) and Dr. Lynne Rouse (German Archaeological Institute) recently won a research grant from the Gerda Henkel Foundation for $118,500.

The grant will enable a strong team of researchers (including ISAW’s recent graduate Dr. Lorenzo Castellano) to conduct a variety of specialized scientific laboratory studies (e.g., metallurgical, ceramic, wood charcoal, zooarchaeological, archaeobotanical, and pollen analyses) from samples taken at the newly discovered archaeological site of Kimirekkum-1 (KK1) in the Kyzylkum desert west of Bukhara in modern Uzbekistan.

These studies will shed new light on the interrelation of production, subsistence, exchange, and environment at this surprisingly large production center for metal and stone objects dating to the last quarter of the 2nd millenium BCE, and so by extension on the still poorly understood transition period between the late Bronze and early Iron Age in southwestern Central Asia.

Full scale excavations and post-excavation analyses at KK1 are scheduled to begin in September of this year!

Congratulations, Prof. Stark!