Major Grant for Roman Imperial Coins

By Tom Elliott

The grant, made as part of the Humanities Collections and Reference Resources program, will provide for the full implementation of the Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE) project. Co-directed by Dr. Andrew Meadows of the ANS and Professor Roger Bagnall of ISAW and managed by ISAW Research Associate Dr. Gilles Bransbourg, OCRE is a ground-breaking initiative to create an online reference and cataloguing tool for coinage of the Roman Empire. Through its use of a Linked Open Data model, OCRE will provide full descriptions and illustrations of the 45,000 different types of Roman Imperial Coinage, as well as providing a union catalogue of specimens held in major collections.

Through its Linked Data approach, the OCRE project is designed to interact fully with other such initiatives being developed for the Ancient World, including ISAW's existing Pleiades Gazetteer, a joint ANS-London Institute of Archaeology project to catalogue Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic, a joint ANS-British Museum project to establish a type catalogue of Roman Republican Coinage, and Oxford University’s Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire project.

More information about the grant is available in a press release from the ANS (PDF).