ISAW Professor Claire Bubb is awarded the 2023 IAHS Young Historians Prize

By Nicole Kitsberg

The International Academy of the History of Sciences recently announced that one of the two winners of the 2023 Young Historians Prize is Claire Bubb, ISAW’s Assistant Professor of Classical Literature and Science. This award comes on the heels of Professor Bubb also receiving the Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit.

Founded in 1927, The International Academy of the History of Sciences brings together leading specialists in the history of science and technology from across the global community. The prestigious Young Historians Prize is awarded every second year by the Council of the Academy for a first work in the history of science. 

Professor Bubb’s book, Dissection in Classical Antiquity: A Social and Medical History, explores the ancient origins of the practices of dissection. The wide-ranging remit of the book traverses from the 5th century BC through to the second century AD, making a compelling case for situating discussion of dissection and anatomy into mainstream classical scholarship. This trailblazing work draws upon a range of sources, including art, papyri and medical texts. Bubb offers valuable insight into the social and commercial history of imperial Rome and the hierarchies governing elite behavior, as well as attitudes towards animals. 

We are delighted that Professor Bubb has been awarded the 2023 IAHS Young Historians Prize in recognition of her contribution to the history of science.