New Publication: "Hic Sunt Dracones" Conference Volume

By Marc LeBlanc

The proceedings of the ISAW conference, “Hic Sunt Dracones: Creating, Defining, and Abstracting Place in the Ancient World,” have recently appeared in print as a special double-issue of the DeGruyter publication Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History, Volume 4, Issues 1-2 (2017). The conference, which took place at ISAW on October 28, 2016, was organized by Gina Konstantopoulos, ISAW Visiting Assistant Professor 2015-17, and the publication volume includes contributions from Gina Konstantopoulos (University of Helsinki), Paul Delnero (Johns Hopkins University), N. İlgi Gerçek (Bilkent University), Nancy Highcock (NYU), Seth Richardson (University of Chicago), Michael Seymour (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Stephen C. Russell (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), and Jennifer Finn (Marquette University). Congratulations to Dr. Konstantopoulos and her colleagues for their important contribution to scholarly discourse on the construction of space, borders, maps, and cosmology in the ancient world.