New Publication by ISAW Professor Claire Bubb on Medicine and the Law under the Roman Empire

By Iris Fernandez

ISAW Assistant Professor Claire Bubb and NYU Classics Professor Emeritus Michael Peachin have published a collected volume, Medicine and the Law under the Roman Empire, with Oxford University Press.

Stemming from a conference held at ISAW and NYU Classics in 2019, this collaborative volume collects essays by experts on medicine, law, and intellectual culture in the Roman imperial period to address the question of how these two fields related to each other and to their cultural context. This is the first volume to put these two large subfields of Classical studies directly into dialogue, despite their several unique points of similarity. The volume’s interdisciplinarity therefore provides new ways of thinking about Roman medicine and law and their multifaceted agendas within their ancient contexts. The volume includes essays related to competition, rhetoric, expertise, and Roman attitudes towards professionalism and technical literature.