ISAW Library New Titles: July 2018

By Gabriel McKee

A list of books added to the ISAW Library in July 2018  is now available online on the ISAW Library website. The titles are sorted in the website version according to thematic topics (e.g., "China, South Asia, & East Asia" and "Near East & Asia Minor"); and within each topic, the titles are organized according to Library of Congress classification. The authors and titles of works in non-Roman languages are given in their original script. This list is also available in a Zotero library and as a  browsable map created using Google Fusion Tables. [Update, February 2021: Our new map interface is now live. The July 2018 map is available here.]

205 items were added to the library's collection in July. Included among these were a number of papyrological publications, including:

  • The concepts of the divine in the Greek magical papyri by Eleni Pachoumi (Small Collection BF1591 .P34 2017
  • Corpus des papyrus grecs sur les relations administratives entre le clergé égyptien et les autorités romaines, v. 1, by Carmen Messerer (Small Collection BR170 .M47 2017 v. 1
  • L'Hadrianus de Montserrat (P.Monts.Roca III, inv. 162-165): edition, traduction et analyse contextuelle d'un recit latin conservé sur papyrus by Tatiana Berg (Small Collection DG295 .B47 2018
  • Les papyrus de la mer Rouge. 1, Le "journal de Merer" (Papyrus Jarf A et B) by Pierre Tallet, a critical edition of the oldest known papyrus, dated to the reign of the pharaoh Khufu (26th century BCE) (Oversize Collection DT57 .F8 t.136 2017)
  • Neue Quellen zum Prozessrecht der Ptolemäerzeit: Gerichtsakten aus der Trierer Papyrussammlung (P. Trier I), by Bärbel Kramer & Carlos Ma. Sánchez-Moreno Ellart (Small Collection KL3047 .N48 2017
  • The undertakers of the Great Oasis (P. Nekr.), [edited by] Roger S. Bagnall (Large Collection PA3303 .U53 2017 

July's new titles also included a number of works on the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Eurasian Steppe from the libraries of Aleksandr Leskov and Nina Garsoïan; archaeological publications on sites in the Near East, Western Europe, and North Africa; newly-published cuneiform texts; and more.

As always, the titles added to the ISAW Library for the entire academic year may be found both on our website and in our Zotero library. You can also follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our recent acquisitions, the associated Zotero library, or our ongoing collection mapping project, please feel free to contact us.