New ISAW Library Titles: November 2016

By Gabriel McKee

A list of books added to the ISAW Library in November 2016 is now available online on the ISAW Library website. The titles are sorted in the website version according to thematic topics (e.g., "East Asia" and "Ancient Near East & Asia Minor"); and within each topic, the titles are organized according to Library of Congress classification. The authors and titles of works in non-Roman languages are given in their original script. This list is also available in Zotero library and as a browsable map created using Google Fusion Tables. [Update, February 2021: Our new map interface is now live. The November 2016 map is available here.]

November's 213 new items are a diverse group, with significant additions related to China, the Eurasian Steppe, Asia Minor, and Egypt. Of particular note are a number of titles, primarily from the collection of Aleksandr Leskov, related to the Black Sea Lowland and the North Caucasus, including:

  • Некрополи Черноморья I: Юго-Восточная периферия Боспора в эллинистическое время and Некрополи Черноморья III: Население архаической Синдики (DK508.9.B56 N45 v.1 2007 & v.3 2010), concerning necropoleis on the northeastern coast of the Black Sea
  • Kurgane der Mozdok-Steppe in Nordkaukasien (Archäologie in Eurasien 3) by Anatoli Nagler (Large Collection DK651.M67 N334 1996)

Also of note are new publications of Mesopotamian texts:

  • Corpus of Mesopotamian anti-witchcraft rituals, volume 2, by Tzvi Abusch and Daniel Schwemer (Large Collection BF1567 .C67 2011 v.2)
  • Early Dynastic and Early Sargonic administrative texts: mainly from the Umma Region in the Cornell University cuneiform collections, (Cornell University studies in Assyriology and Sumerology/CUSAS 33) by Palmiro Notizia and Giuseppe Visicato (Large Collection PJ3711 .C67 v.33 2016)

The list also contains a number of recent archaeological publications from China, including:

  •  延庆胡家营延怀盆地东周聚落遗址发掘报告 (Excavation of Hujiaying site in Yanqing, Beijing: report of archaeological excavation on a settlement site of the eastern Zhou dynasty in Yanhuai basin) by the Beijing Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics (Large Collection DS795.4.Y46 Y367 2015) 
  • 淇县西杨庄墓地黄庄墓地I区发掘报告 (Xiyangzhuang cemetery and I district of Huangzhuang cemetery in Qixian county) by the  Administration of cultural heritage of Henan province (Large Collection DS797.44.Q254 Q258 2015)
  • 淅川新四队墓地 (Tombs of Xin Sidui in Xi Chuan) by the Administration of Cultural Heritage of Henan Province (Large Collection DS793.H612 X53 2015)

A number of the titles added this month are held at only a handful of libraries in the United States. These and other titles added in November further enhance the depth and quality of our library's holdings.