ISAW Library: Recent Acquisitions, August 2014

By David Ratzan

The August 2014 list of recent additions to the ISAW Library is now available online.

In August we cataloged 374 items. Besides recently published materials (like the featured item in the image), our new acquisitions include many recently cataloged items from the Library of Hayim and Miriam Tadmor (primarily Assyriology, Hittitology, and Biblical Studies), ISAW's recent and substantial investment in Chinese-language materials related to Ancient China, and the remaining volumes of the Loeb Classical Library we needed to complete our set.

The September 2014 list will be published before Christmas. An index of previous months is available from the ISAW Library website here.

We provide bibliographic information about our recent additions both in HTML on the ISAW website and in a Zotero library.

If you have any comments or suggestions about anything in the New Titles list or the associated Zotero library, please write to David M. Ratzan, the ISAW Head Librarian.