Thank you, Junli!

By David Ratzan

Another academic year has barely begun at the ISAW Library and already we have a number of exciting development to report, from our new website design, to forthcoming publications on the Ancient World Digital Library (AWDL), to upcoming events in the digital humanities co-sponsored by the ISAW Library. But I will leave those and other topics for future blog posts. I want to take this moment to acknowledge the debt of gratitude that we owe Junli Diaoour indefatigable Chinese-language bibliographer and cataloger for the past three years.

Junli Diao helping to make Puabi cylinder seal deserts for Michael Rakowitz's Enemy Kitchen, May 2015.

Junli joined ISAW in September 2012 with a very important brief: to help us build a core collection of primary source materials and scholarship on ancient China. Three years and thousands of volumes later, we have a small, but coherent, up-to-date, and growing study collection of textual editions, catalogs, art books, and archaeological reports on ancient China, spanning the Neolithic to the Tang dynasty and stretching from Yangtze river valley across to Xinjiang and Central Asia. During his time here, Junli's obvious devotion to ISAW's collection, faculty, and students was rivaled only by his infectious interest in the ancient world and his passion for the work of academic libraries and librarians in the production of world-class scholarship.

We are and will remain deeply grateful for Junli's contribution to the building of the ISAW Library collections and we wish him the very best of luck in all his future endeavors. 

谢谢你,祝你好运, Junli!