New ISAW Library Titles: May 2016

By Gabriel McKee

A list of books added to the ISAW Library in May 2016 is now available online on the ISAW Library Website. The titles are sorted in the website version according to thematic topics (e.g., "East Asia" and "Ancient Near East & Asia Minor"); and within each topic, the titles are organized according to Library of Congress classification. The authors and titles of works in non-Roman languages are given in their original script. This list is also available in a Zotero library.

Beginning with this month's list, we have added a new section for material relating to the Caucasus. Between the library of Nina Garsoïan, which largely focuses on Armenia and the Southern Caucasus, and that of Aleksandr Leskov, which contains a wealth of material on the Northern Caucasus and Crimea, we will see a large number of titles on the history of this important region added in the months to come.

Over a third of the 275 items added in May focus on the history and archaeology of China. Most of these are recent titles from the publisher Wenwu Chubanshe, the official publisher of the Chinese Ministry of Culture's Department of Cultural Relics. Among our recent acquisitions from Wenwu Chubanshe are richly-illustrated exhibition and museum catalogs, such as 黑龙江省博物馆藏佛造像 (a catalog of Buddhist sculpture from the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum; Large Collection NB1912.B83 H456 2015) and excavation reports from all over China, like 华县泉护村: 1997年考古发掘报告 = The Quanhucun site in Huaxian County: a report of the 1997-year excavation (Large Collection DS797.68.H834 H828 2014:v.1-2). These new additions help to bring our library's holdings up to date on the most recent archaeological discoveries across China.