Archival Ephemera in Honor of Roger Bagnall

By Gabriel McKee

ISAW's departing Leon Levy Director, Roger Bagnall, has been a generous supporter of our library. Over the nine years of his term here, Prof. Bagnall has donated hundreds of volumes to our library collection.

Occasionally, these donations include unexpected surprises. Tucked inside one recent volume given to us by Prof. Bagnall—D.A. Randall's travel volume The Handwriting of God in Egypt, Sinai, and the Holy Land (Small Collection DS 48.R18 1862)—we found Roger's 1966 membership card from the Association Internationale de Papyrologues, dating to his undergraduate days at Yale University. When we brought the card to Roger's attention, he showed us his current membership card for the Association Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth for comparison. Though much has happened in Roger's five-decade career, the design of membership cards for European academic societies has not changed a bit.

These two pieces of ephemera represent 50 years of Roger's scholarship. We present them both here, on the final day of Roger's term as ISAW's Director, with our thanks for his guidance and support over ISAW's first nine years.