Thirty New Titles Added to the Ancient World Digital Library

By Gabriel McKee

A selection of 30 newly-digitized volumes has been added to the Ancient World Digital Library (AWDL), ISAW’s online library for hosting digitized print and born-digital scholarly content. Content in AWDL is freely available to read online or download.

The recent additions include the second volume in the new partnership between AWDL and ISLET-Verlag, a Dresden-based publishing house founded in 2002 by Cornelia Wunsch. Urkunden zum Ehe-, Vermögens- und Erbrecht aus verschiedenen neubabylonischen Archiven, the second title in the series “Babylonische Archive,” contains a wealth of Babylonian legal texts.

The remaining 29 new titles in AWDL are entries in the series American Studies in Papyrology, and representing an ongoing collaboration between AWDL and the American Society of Papyrologists. The majority of this series is now available through AWDL, including both important editions of texts held at Yale, the University of Michigan, and Columbia University, as well as secondary works on papyrology and Egypt in the Ptolemaic, Roman, and Coptic periods.

As always, titles in AWDL can be read online in full resolution or downloaded in either high- or low-resolution PDF format. In addition to searching for titles, you can also find titles by using the AWDL Atlas, a browsable map of all of the titles available on the AWDL site; by browsing for topics under the “Collections Overview” tab; or looking at individual series in the “Series” tab.