All ISAW students, faculty, scholars, research associates, and full-time staff members have a mailbox on the third floor. Incoming mail and intra-campus mail is distributed each afternoon. Community members are expected to check their mail regularly, as space is limited. Packages and large envelopes are stored in the cabinets below the mailboxes – an email notification will be sent to you if you receive a package.

NYU inter-campus mail delivers mail free of charge to any NYU address (except the NYU Medical School). To post regular US mail, scholars, research associates, and students must provide their own postage.  Faculty and staff may send packages via USPS or UPS. Please visit the third floor administration to drop off outgoing mail, obtain inter-campus mail envelopes, or request UPS service.  Some mailing supplies and USPS and UPS materials are available on the third floor with the office supplies.