NYU Resources for Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

Diversity at ISAW

As a school of NYU, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World shares the university’s commitment to building a culture that respects and embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity. The world is a diverse place with many different points of view, and we believe that the university should reflect that diversity and aspire to inclusion so that all voices are heard. 

NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation

NYU's commitment to building and strengthening a university-wide culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity led to the creation of the Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation (OGI). As part of the Office of the President, the Office of Global Inclusion provides expert consultation, resources, and innovative strategies to help guide the University—and its uniquely global and diverse student, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni communities—toward a more inclusive future.

NYU Office of Equal Opportunity

New York University's Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is responsible for advancing and monitoring the University's equal opportunity and affirmative action policies, procedures, and programs. It does so by making known the University's commitment to these policies and by carrying out utilization analyses for minority and women relative to national baseline data. Analyses, carried out with respect to recruitment, promotion, and departures, are used to identify areas of focus for future improvement.

NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibility

New York University is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and participation for all students. The Moses Center for Student Accessibility (CSA) works with NYU students to determine and implement appropriate and reasonable accommodations as well as access available programs and resources to support equal access to a world-class education.

NYU Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility is the practice of ensuring that NYU websites, web applications, and digital content can be used by our community who have a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight or cognitive abilities. NYU adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA standards. Anyone creating digital content at NYU is responsible for creating content that complies.

NYU Guide to Diverse Faculty Searches

This Guide provides critical information to support full-time faculty searches at NYU, and is focused on strategies to attract diverse pools for faculty searches and on measures to ensure that all candidates are evaluated fully and fairly. The guide is designed for department chairs, search committee chairs and committee members, faculty diversity search liaisons, and NYU faculty members.

Scholars at Risk Network

Scholars at Risk is an international network of institutions and individuals whose mission it is to protect scholars and promote academic freedom. By arranging temporary academic positions at member universities and colleges, Scholars at Risk offers safety to scholars facing grave threats, so scholars' ideas are not lost and they can keep working until conditions improve and they are able to return to their home countries.