Web Editing: Updating Your Profile

Members of the ISAW Faculty and designated Senior Staff are authorized by the Director to make and publish independent updates to their user profiles on the ISAW Website. This tutorial explains the steps necessary to create, modify, and publish a private working copy of the profile.

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  1. Login to the website using your NetID.
  2. Navigate to your user profile.
  3. In the green menu bar, select the "Actions" menu and choose "Check out".

    Screen capture showing selection of "check out" from the "actions" menu.

  4. The "Check out" confirmation page is displayed.

    Screen capture showing checkout confirmation page.

    If you have activated "check out" in error, you can select the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the form to cancel the process and leave your published profile unchanged. If you wish to proceed with creating a private, draft working copy of your profile, select the radio button labeled "Parent folder" and then select the "Check out" button at the bottom of the form.
  5. The new working copy is created and displayed.

    Screen capture showing newly created working copy of profile.

    Note the banner near the top of the page. It clearly identifies the working copy as such, and provides a link to the original, baseline profile from which it was made. 
  6. The baseline copy of the profile remains unchanged; however, logged-in users (including yourself) will see a banner on it that indicates the existence of the working copy and provides a link to it. 

    Screen capture showing original, baseline copy with notice linking to new working copy.

    The contents of the working copy can only be viewed by yourself and administrative users as long as it remains in "draft" state. Anonymous users will continue to see the unaltered, public view of the "baseline" original.
  7. On the working copy, select the "edit" tab on the green menu bar to begin making changes to the working copy of the profile.

    Screen capture showing working copy with "edit" selected on the menu bar. 

    If you do not see an "edit" tab, you are probably looking at the original, baseline copy of the profile, which is protected from direct changes. 
  8. The "Edit Profile" form is displayed. Use it to make changes to your profile.

    A group of screen captures showing major aspects of the edit form.

    Because your working copy is a private draft, you can make a series of changes, saving each one using the "Save" button at the bottom of the form, without altering the "baseline" copy of the profile. Note that you can abandon the current editing session by selecting the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the form instead.
  9. Once you are satisfied with and have saved your modifications to the working copy, substitute it in the public eye by "checking in" the working copy: select the "Actions" menu on the green menu bar and choose "Check In".

    Screen capture showing menu selection for checking in the working copy of the profile.

  10. The "Check in" confirmation page is displayed.

    Screen capture showing the checkin confirmation page.

    Enter a short "Check-In Message" summarizing the modifications you've made for future reference. 
    If you are sure that you want to replace the existing, baseline copy of the profile with the working copy you have modified, select the "Check In" button at the bottom of the "Check in Message" form (there is no "undo" from this step).

  11. Your updated profile is displayed and is now visible to the anonymous public.

    Screen capture showing the updated profile after checkin.


In most other parts of the site, working copies cannot be checked in by the individuals who created them. Instead, the "state" menu on the green menu bar must be used to "Submit for publication". This alerts the Director via email. The Director then reviews and checks in the working copy over the published baseline. Modifying your profile is different. Because the system is configured to let you check in your own profile working copy, there is no need to adjust the publication state on the working copy. If you do submit the working copy via the "state" menu, no email notification will be sent to the Director and the changes in your working copy will remain unpublished.