Guests & Visitors Financial Policy

Guests & Visitors are individuals not employed by NYU who are also not operating under a business name or entity. Guests or guest speakers usually participate in ISAW activities (e.g., a conference) but who are not compensated for their services. Such individuals are often reimbursed for their travel expenses.

Guests & Visitors should be discussed with the team prior to extending an invitation. Thirty day notice is recommended. It is important that we know beforehand who will be in the building to ensure proper invitations are being sent and we can accommodate the needs of the guest.

There are various types of Guests & Visitors:

  1. Conference/lecture attendee
  2. Conference/lecture speaker
  3. Class Lecturer/Co-lecturer
  4. Visiting Faculty/Scholar/Student
  5. Colleague or Family Visitor (No specific event)

For inviting information, event proposals, class Lecturer forms and other helpful academic resources see Resources for Faculty.

Note: Guests or Visitors already employed by NYU are deemed employees. Additional compensation to NYU employees must be discussed with the team well in advance of the request for compensation. Note that paying an NYU employee for any services will be considered additional compensation and be charge 30% fringe.